It matters now !!

Hmm… I am missing that sight of heaps of vessels in lying in the sink. One thing I can find good is ,there are no opened shampoo bottles on bathroom floor . So now I dont slip and fall in bathroom! And now there is no one to laugh loudly at that sight .One more notable thing is my brush is all safe and all mine ! Even now I can’t figure out why did you used to brush your teeth with my toothbrush ? My morning begins peacefully as there are no unnecessary alarms .And now the toilet is all mine . You know what ? Even I tried to copy you by taking headphones in toilet. Hahaha! And I enjoyed ! Anyways now I dont have to bang on toilet door when I am late in the morning.There are no filthy towels lying on the bed. Pillows are always in their places . I don’t have to hunt for remote and keys anymore. Doormat is all still and straight !! My house looks like a decent place ! But somewhere I am not able to enjoy this switch. I forgot to tell you , I am using your favorite skyblue pillow! Your essence is still extant . And yes how can I miss this ! Shoerack really smells awesome without your obnoxious shoes and socks. But I can’t understand, why does the absence of a nasty pig like you is mattering me so much !



Author: babblingfreespirit

A free spirit. Uncultivated by the mainstream. Independent thinker. Bravely growing wild and free in a world plagued by conformity.✌

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