So you were right…….

I can still remember you asking me whether I smoke or not. That question was so hilarious , all because the only reason for you asking me that question were my black lips. I thought you were so innocent , but time proved me totally wrong. I remember of you proudly patting me when i replied no to your question. You were so happy to listen that I didn’t smoke. This question made me to think that you are too into me the way i was mad behind you. But as mentioned before time proved me wrong because you were neither innocent nor you were the person who would invest into love . Your decision of choosing that princess who’s daddy owned a jaguar showroom , proved me wrong once more. And your many such decisions felicitated my blind trust and unconditional love for you.



Author: freespiritsayings

A free spirit. Uncultivated by the mainstream. Independent thinker. Bravely growing wild and free in a world plagued by conformity.✌

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